This short statement outlines RMEL’s identity and business activities. The Mission Statement was modified to more clearly emphasize what RMEL is, why the organization exists and who we serve:

Preparing the electric energy industry for the future through education and networking.


Since 1903, RMEL has been an association by members, for members. Employees from member companies drive program content by serving on RMEL committees, presenting at events, writing in RMEL’s publications and providing feedback to the staff. Members also advocate for RMEL, and the association sees growth because of the outstanding word-of-mouth promotion by members. When a member brings his colleague to an RMEL event, that person experiences what RMEL is all about and leaves with an appreciation for the content and the trusted community of sharing. Electric energy professionals know they can get answers from RMEL because of the knowledge and friendliness of the members. By working together through RMEL, they are driving their industry forward.



RMEL’s vision is our mission realized. Every effort by RMEL staff, Board and volunteers is focused on achieving this vision for the association. This is the ultimate destination of our journey through association and industry challenges. With every decision and effort on behalf of the association, the impact on the vision will be considered. 

The Trusted Leader
Networking and Educational Programs
for the
Electric Utility Industry


RMEL will be the resource every electric utility employee can count on because it provides access to a knowledge bank of experiences and people that have solutions. From training and education venues to the exchanging of information with a fellow member, RMEL will help make each electric energy job easier.


RMEL’s Mission Statement defines our relationship with customers, and our vision is where we’re going. This section defines our values, which are built on the values of our member companies. These are foundational to everything RMEL stands for and are guiding principles for every decision made on behalf of the association. Each of RMEL’s core values is described below. 


RMEL is committed to promoting positive safety cultures throughout the electric energy industry. RMEL events, programs and resources place the highest emphasis on safety. 


The association will first and foremost serve the RMEL membership by staying attuned to needs of the industry, companies and individuals.


The association will manifest the highest standards of honesty, fairness, respect, professional ethics and accountability to RMEL members.


RMEL allows members to meet in a setting that focuses on trust and peer-to-peer sharing to maximize on the potential of the RMEL community.  


The association welcomes input from all members and facilitates opportunities to listen to members and communicate relevant association offerings in a timely manner. Member discussions serve as a catalyst for future program development.


RMEL programs and events showcase the highest quality content, speakers and resources to better the industry and help RMEL members find solutions to vital issues of today and the future.


Working side by side in a cooperative manner, members band together for the common goal of bettering the industry and improving service for utility customers. For more than 100 years, these key principles have proven successful and more importantly are tried and true methods for building strong business relationships.


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