Diverse, Adaptable Professional Development Hours

RMEL serves a large territory in which attendees participate in a number of accrediting organizations, each with their own requirements. Depending on the certifying body you are affiliated with, RMEL PDHs may be applied towards your recertification credit. You can work with your certifying entity to determine if the credits are applicable and how they may be applied. Use the event brochure, and agenda to determine how the content applies to your certification, and please contact us if you have questions about content. You'll also want to verify how the quantity of RMEL PDHs convert to your certifying body credits. Typically 1.0 PDH is equal to .1 CEU, but you'll always want to confirm the conversion scale.

All attendees are given a continuing education certificate upon completion of RMEL courses.  If you need a past certificate, we would be happy to provide that for you. Just contact us at info@rmel.org or (303) 865-5544.

Typical PDH amounts for RMEL events are:
2.5 Day Conference Registration: 14.0 PDHs
1.5 Day Conference and Roundtable Registration: 7.0 PDHs
1 Day Conference Registration: 6.0 PDHs
3-Day Workshop Registration: 24.0 PDHs
2-Day Workshop Registration: 16.0 PDHs
1/5 Day Roundtable: 1.0 PDH

Professional Development Through RMEL Participation

RMEL offers a wide range of ways to volunteer and participate to help you learn more about the industry and enhance skillsets to drive your successful career. Attending RMEL events is a great way to hear about and share best practices and find solutions that will help your organization and help your career.  You can also suggest topics and/or present at RMEL events, participate in the Spring Conference and Fall Convention planning sessions and write articles for RMEL's publications. 

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