About the Utility Rewards Program

The purpose of this program is to increase attendance and to give back to our utility members. The more you register the more coupons you will receive and the more savings you will accrue. 

The Board of Directors encourages you to send employees that otherwise wouldn't get the advantage of the RMEL learning experience. 

Based on airline frequent flyer concepts, the more people from your company attending RMEL events ....the more complimentary registrations you will earn. The Utility Rewards Program rewards those Utility company members sending multiple personnel to RMEL events.

Send multiple personnel to RMEL Conferences and the RMEL Spring Management, Engineering and Operations Conference OR the Fall Executive Leadership and Management Convention and receive coupons for complimentary registrations to next year's events.

Utility Rewards Program Benefits

The coupons for complimentary registrations are typically mailed in December/January to the member company's RMEL Representative. Check with your company's RMEL Representative to find out about the status of the coupons.

The coupons are easy to use. You can either call in the registration with the Coupon or just attach the coupon to the registration form and mail it to RMEL. 

The number of coupons you'll receive next year will be based on the number of registrants sent the previous year, so it is to your advantage to increase the number of employees you register.