RMEL Awards Program

RMEL confers the following awards:
Distinguished Leadership
Industry Leadership
Honorary Life Member
Emerging Leader 

Distinguished Leadership Award

The 2022 Awards Nomination Deadline is July 29, 2022. Submit Your NominationThe Distinguished Leadership Award is RMEL’s highest honor. This award recognizes an individual that has demonstrated significant contributions to the electric energy industry, their respective organization, and an advocate for the RMEL Mission. 

Industry – candidate has been recognized by electric energy peers for significant dedication, service, and leadership to the electric utility industry. Recipients typically have/had a long-running career in the industry, serving in Senior Leadership roles, and as active participant in various industry associations and work groups. 

Organization – candidate has demonstrated sustained leadership performance serving their company in a senior leadership role.  The individual has exhibited exemplary dedication, service, and leadership within their organization.

RMEL – candidate has demonstrated a strong advocacy for RMEL within the industry.   Individual promotes the RMEL mission within their organization and professional network, consistently supporting RMEL educational programing. 

The 2022 Awards Nomination Deadline is July 29, 2022. Submit Your Nomination.
Review a list of past Distinguished Leadership Award recipients.

Industry Leadership Award*

*May be awarded to multiple individuals each year

The 2022 Awards Nomination Deadline is July 29, 2022. Submit Your NominationThe Industry Leadership Award recognizes an individual whose leadership has made contributions that have made an impact within their organization.  Recipients usually have more than 10 years of experience in the industry.  These individuals are often active in various industry affiliations, associations and/or organizations that serve the electric energy industry.

Organization – candidate is a standout performer who consistently “goes that extra mile” for the company.  The recipients are recognized for their dedication, service, leadership and contributions to the success of their organization. 

Industry – candidate often represents their company through active participation in professional industry organizations associated with the electric energy industry.

The 2022 Awards Nomination Deadline is July 29, 2022. Submit Your Nomination.
Review a list of past Industry Leadership Award recipients.

Honorary Life Membership Award

The 2022 Awards Nomination Deadline will be in July 2022. Submit Your NominationThe Honorary RMEL Life Membership Award is conferred upon an individual “whose knowledge and accomplishments in the electric energy field entitle him/her to special recognition.”  This award recognizes their year’s of service and dedication.

RMEL – candidate must be retired from a current or former RMEL member company. The recipient is well-known in the electric energy industry, with honorable reputations of valuable service to RMEL, their organization and the industry. 

Honorary Life Members shall have all the privileges of RMEL membership, except that of holding office and shall be exempt from the payment of dues.

The 2022 Awards Nomination Deadline is July 29, 2022. Submit Your Nomination.
Review a list of past Honorary Life Membership Award recipients.

Emerging Leader Award

The Emerging Leader Award recognizes and honors RMEL members who are up and coming in their company and have had 5-10 years of experience in the industry, establishing  significant contributions within their organization and have demonstrated the potential for leadership and continuing service in the electric utility industry. This award is conferred at the RMEL Spring Management, Engineering and Operations Conference in May. The 2023 Emerging Leader Award Nomination Deadline will be in March 2023.

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